iRewind wins the Grand Prix at Geneva International Invention Salon 2014.
We'd like to thank everybody for their support and our partners for believing in us: Orange, Axis and Huawei.

Bogdan Mănoiu, Founder & CEO

— our core belief

One day, sooner than expected, all sports events, fields and venues, will be iRewind enabled.

Timed Events

"By combining the timing records for each runner ...

we deliver cool personal movies for each runner."

Rewind is partnering with RFID timing companies around the world to secure the market penetration of our technology in top-of-the range events iRewind movies recorded in competition and recreational environments open new advertising opportunities that will benefit event organizers, timing companies and sponsors.

How it works

We install iRewind “smart poles” on the running track that allows us to capture footage for each runner. Every smart pole has two cameras, network technology and self operating energy source.

The smart pole network records the footage for all  runners. Combining the timing records for each runner with our automatic video editing system, we deliver personal cool movies for each runner.

Event implementation

iRewind is partnering with RFID timing companies around the world to secure the market penetration of these services in top-of-the range events like the most popular marathon and cycling races with thousands and tens of thousands participants.

Benefits for events

The iRewind movies recorded in the competition and recreational environment create a significant advertising infrastructure that will benefit the event organizers, the timing companies as well as the sponsors.

Their distribution on social networks will serve as a perfect customer engagement tool, a recipe to build new bonds in the communities and audiences interested about the event and increase participation in its future editions.

Snow Sports

The iRewind story belongs naturally to the ski resort environment: it was born there, it's where the idea came to life.

How it works

Each slope or park has its own range of particularities, with irregular physical shapes, different inclination angles and asymmetrical twists. We assign the best DOP (Director of Photography) to go on the tracks and set the network of cameras to capture the best image experience.

All you have to do is to install the iRewind app and have the app running as you enjoy the ride. Based on the GPS track, we automatically edit and deliver your cool movie.

The Special Camera

In line with the concept of personal television, we have created the tally light system: a patent pending design for a LED lamp that is signaling that you are in the right place if you want to record your particular experience.

Snow sports gamification

Not only we provide automatically edited HD movies to all types of skiers running the iRewind app, but we’ve created 9 different dedicated tracks and experiences to get you all covered.


A special setup using up to 15 cameras will capture the most important moments of the ride. Every details is put in place with movie directors so we can deliver breath taking experience for each trick.

Red & blue & black slope

Up to 10 cameras placed on strategic positions will capture the ride, getting a unique cool movie. The mountain view plus your smooth ride are the ingredients for a movie you want to share with your friends.

Speed Track

Depending on the length, up to 5 cameras will capture your fastest run on a specific location.

Side by side

Designed for skiers willing to compete and compare their ride, on a side-by-side downhill.

Baby & learning track

Up to 5 cameras will be placed to capture the moments when kids & adults learn to ski. Each camera will capture specific moments that you’ll value for life.


Special placed cameras offer panorama live view from a landmark location that each and every user can watch on the mobile.


iRewind is a Swiss Tech start-up, based at the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, backed up by a development team in Romania and strategic partnerships with several global hardware manufacturers.


Bogdan Mănoiu

Bogdan Mănoiu

Co-founder. Energetic icebreaker, seasoned investor, passionate entrepreneur, marketing and management background.
LinkedIn: Bogdan Mănoiu

 Salvador Garcia Zalduegui

Salvador Garcia Zalduegui

Co-founder. Entrepreneur and innovation driven Marketing & management background BA University of St. Gallen (HSG) 
LinkedIn:  Salvador Garcia Zalduegui

Christian Mauriand

Christian Mauriand

Co-founder. Entrepreneur Management & Business administration background BA University of St. Gallen (HSG).
LinkedIn: Christian Mauriand

 David de Picciotto

David de Picciotto

Co-founder. Entrepreneur, Economics & Finance Background BA University of St. Gallen (HSG)
LinkedIn:  David de Picciotto

David Delarive

David Delarive

Co-Founder, Passion for innovation and technology, Officer in the Swiss Army
B.S. in Finance and Management at the BA University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Webster University
LinkedIn: David Delarive

 Mihai Nicolescu

Mihai Nicolescu

CTO, problem solver life-time coder, software & hardware developer background, entrepreneur.
LinkedIn:  Mihai Nicolescu

Remus Cazacu

Remus Cazacu

CIO, technical strategic thinker
Specialised in ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, TQM Project management, business consulting and product management background.
LinkedIn: Remus Cazacu


Leo Mart

Leo Mart

Commercial Adviser, „star” online MarCom & media development, growth hacker & monetization on mobile devices.
LinkedIn: Leo Mart


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